8th World Water Forum News
Issue #6 March 24, 2018

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Water security will be the theme of the 9th World Water Forum in Senegal

Brazil stopped to think about water from March 17 to 23. During the 8th World Water Forum, Brasilia, authorities, specialists and citizens from over 170 nations. The topic was on the agenda of governments, enterprises and society’s voice. At the closing ceremony, held on Friday, Senegal received the flag of the World Water Council as the host country of the 9th Forum.

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"We have a moral obligation to preserve the oceans", says UN special envoy

"We have a moral obligation to ensure that Goal 14 of the United Nations is accurately completed because that is the only way to preserve the oceans". The statement is from the United Nations General Secretariat for the Oceans special envoy, Peter Thomson, and he repeated it on several occasions during the 8th World Water Forum.

Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay signed the Declaration for the Conservation of the Pantanal

Represented by their respective ministers of the Environment, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay have signed this Thursday (22) the Declaration for the Integral and Sustainable Conservation and Development of the Pantanal. The ceremony was part of the programming of the Regional Process of the 8th World Water Forum.

Corporations draw up a document to ensure sustainable water use

The results of the Business Day were presented this Thursday (22), as part of the program of the 8th World Water Forum's side events. The meeting brought together experts and representatives of the industry to discuss the Brazilian business agenda on water. The idea of the meeting is to establish a commitment to the sustainable use of water among large corporations.

Engagement of the affected community is essential in the recovery of the areas affected by the disaster in Mariana

The largest environmental disaster in the history of Brazil, known as the disaster of Mariana, was debated this Thursday (22), at Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center in Brasília, brazil. The focus was on the impact caused on water resources and in the solutions found to restore the quality of the water and of the life of affected communities.