8th World Water Forum News
Issue #5 March 22, 2018

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The 1st International Court of Justice for Water is held during the 8th Forum

This Wednesday (21) afternoon, an innovation was brought to the participants of this eighth edition of the World Water Forum: a mock water justice court.

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Installation of the visual artist Siron Franco projects a waterfall in the Museum of the Republic

A large waterfall will be projected on the dome of the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasilia, on Thursday (22), World Water Day, starting at 6:30pm. It is an installation by the visual artist Siron Franco, who wants to draw attention to the importance of the careful use of water, in addition to being part of the attractions of the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place in the federal capital until 23 march. More than 43 thousand people have visited the event.

Water issues also have a cultural and symbolic dimension

Water is present in every form of life, but only human communities, according to the cultural characteristics, and locations, display diversity in the way they feel and perceive its presence and indispensability. Be it in the religious, spiritual, political or even economic perception, the fact is that water is always present in everyday life. Representatives of different nations, countries and peoples have shared part of their world view with regards to water, in the session titled “Cultures of sharing and the rights of nature”, held in the afternoon on the 21st of March, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, which hosts the 8th World Water Forum.

Water awakens youth entrepreneurship in Egypt and Cambodia

On Wednesday (21), the panel "Innovation of young Water Entrepreneurs", at the 8th World Water Forum reached audiences of all ages. In it, young entrepreneurs submitted actions to improve the quality of access to water as a factor of social transformation. The main objective of the session was to promote the exchange of experiences in social innovation in the water sector, present challenges and stimulate the commitment of more people to the cause.

Princesa Isabel, rural sanitation and the necessary transformation

In the rural zone of the semi-arid region of Paraiba, the union of farmers, teachers, students, and technicians for the implementation of rural sanitation is beginning a transformation in the municipality of Princesa Isabel, about 420 kilometers away from the state's capital, João Pessoa.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize announces winner of the Brazilian phase

The Citizen Cinema was the stage for the award of the Brazilian phase of the 21st edition of the Award Young Water of Stockholm (SJWP), this Wednesday (21), in Brasilia. Stockholm Junior Water Prize winner was the high school student Guilherme Catharino, from Senai São Paulo, with the System of Monitoring and Control of Water for Homes and Condos (SIMCHR). He will represent the country in the dispute, which happens in August 2018, in Sweden.

Discover four new dishes from the Sabores do Brasil Food Festival

Parallel to the 8th World Water Forum, the Abrasel-DF promotes, until March 25, the “Sabores do Brasil” food festival to present the diversity of Brazilian cuisine for over 40000 Forum participants.