8th World Water Forum News
Issue #4 March 21, 2018

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Your voice: participants of the special session requested that the platform remains open

The proposal that the online consultation platform “Your Voice” is maintained and used in the next editions of the World Water Forum was reaffirmed several times during the special session "Your Voice: Contributions of the online consultation - results and Conclusions" , held on Tuesday (20), as part of the schedule of the 8th Forum.

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Discussions emphasize family farming and the strengthening of communities

A free debate carried out in the Citizen Village, at Mané Garrincha National Stadium , in Brasilia, the Circles of Conversation on Monday (19), highlighted sustainable agriculture regional projects, which not only help the environment but also generate in economic, social, cultural and health improvements to the local population.

Citizen Forum promotes sessions on the participation of society in water theme

Considering the committees and watershed organizations, "Strengthening citizens participation: policy, representativeness and challenges", which takes place this Wednesday (19) at 9:00 am, proposes to examine the political and institutional context, taking into account the society’s representation and its effectiveness, plus the influence on public policies.

Brazil will protect 25% of the oceans

Environment Minister Sarney Filho announced on Monday at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia the official creation by the Brazilian government of two mosaics of marine conservation units (UCs) - the environmental protection areas (APA) and natural monuments (Mona) of the archipelagos of São Pedro and São Paulo (PE) and Trindade de Martim Vaz (ES).

Festival of Brazilian Flavours is present in 25 restaurants in Brasilia

The participants of the 8th World Water Forum can take advantage of the stay in town to check out the Festival of Brazilian Flavours. Promoted by Abrasel-DF and in partnership with the Forum, the culinary festival brings together 25 bars and restaurants at strategic points of the city to best serve the participants of the event.