8th World Water Forum News
Issue #4 March 21, 2018

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Interview: Catarina Albuquerque, Executive Director of the Sanitation and Water for All

Currently, Catarina Albuquerque is Executive Director of Sanitation and Water for All organization (SWA), which seeks to encourage political leaders and actions for an effective use of resources to improve the sanitation situation for all people on the planet. Catarina will participate as speaker and moderator, in several sessions, debates and events during the 8th World Water Forum on various topics, such as: investments in infrastructure programs and job creation in Africa, human rights and sanitation, water and urban poverty, among others. Check out the schedule.

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Education can reduce water shortage in the world

Education is a global basic principle to carrying out any activity with competence. When it comes to the rational use of water, this is no different, capacity building should be seen as essential and must be developed and continued between businesses, professionals, and in society itself. This subject was the topic of the panel “Education and training in water is not an expense, it is an investment”, this Tuesday (20), at the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place in Brasilia (DF), until Friday (23).

Watershed management requires investment, research and partnerships

Examples of various countries reveal importance of long-term planning. Success stories of environmental preservation need, in addition to investment and planning, to take into account the ecosystems and the development of local, national and even global partnerships. That is what the examples shown in the "Water basin revitalization for supporting water quantity and quality and human well-being," which took place on Tuesday morning, March 20. The event was part of the program of the Thematic Process at the 8th World Water Forum, in Brasilia.

Companies share experiences on reducing water consumption

On the afternoon of Monday, December 19, representatives from large national and multinational companies met for discussions for the panel “Business with Water Security”. The panelists presented the objectives of the commitments, as well as possible ways for companies to comply with them. The session is part of the programming of the High-Level Panel of the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place in Brasilia.

Government and society reaffirm need to promote water management to avoid water crisis

São Paulo and the Federal District are examples of cities that face problems with the lack of water in Brazil. On Tuesday (20), the issue was discussed by experts, government and the population during the 8th World Water Forum.