8th World Water Forum News
Issue #3 March 20, 2018

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Your Voice: An innovation of the 8th World Water Forum

Priority in the elaboration of the thematic structure of the 8th World Water Forum, the social participation was contemplated with the launch, in 2017, of the online platform Sua Voz. This tool made it possible to register contributions of people interested in the topic of water, from more than 150 countries.

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Sustainability Declaration will be discussed at the 8th Forum

The development of a Sustainability Declaration is on the agenda at the 8th World Water Forum. The first version of the document is open to public consultation until March 22. The goal is to call attention to the current situation of the current water policies, under the argument that these actions are not sufficient to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Education and participatory management are the highlights of the Citizen Forum

This Tuesday (20), the Citizen Forum discusses education and collective engagement in water issues. The day begins at the Convention Center, with the session “Education for citizenship and water: world experiences”, starting at 9am. It intends to reflect about the importance of education for social engagement and political, strengthening of citizenship, based on SDG-6.

Green Film Festival highlights the water crisis and pollution this Tuesday (20)

This week, Cine Brasília receives the Green Film Festival, one of the World Water Forum's attractions. The program will feature free screenings of environmentally themed movies, selected by an official technical jury and popular choice.

8th Forum inspires the menu of the Gastronomic Festival “Sabores do Brasil”

Inspired and supported by the 8th World Water Forum, the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel-DF) promotes the Festival “Sabores do Brasil” until March 25. The food festival is inspired by the Brazilian cuisine and there are 25 establishments offering unique and diverse menus to please the Forum participants at promotional prices.