8th World Water Forum News
Issue #1 March 18, 2018

Inside the Forum

Credit: Jorge Cardoso

8th World Water Forum aims to place water on people's agenda

Until next Friday (23), Brazil is hosting the world's largest event on water-related issues: the 8th World Water Forum. The event was designed in a participatory way since the closure of the seventh edition, in South Korea, in 2015. About 1500 institutions in around 100 countries participated in this preparatory process with expressive social participation, a milestone in the history of the Forum.

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Museum of Tomorrow brings visual experience to the 8th World Water Forum

A cube covered by a satellite photo showing Earth as seen from space. This is the proposal of the facility, “Waters of the Planet”, promoted by the Museum of Tomorrow in the Citizen Village of the 8th World Water Forum. This attraction may be checked out by the public fo free until Friday (March 23), in the area outside of Mané Garrincha.

Social technologies bring better life to the riverside community

Residents of Furo Grande riverside community, locate in the Jaguars Island, in Barcarena municipality (state of Pará), are collecting, storing, and consuming better quality water. In the Amazon, surrounded by the water of the rivers, it is rainwater collection that ensures clean drinking water.

A Citizen's World Water Forum

You are invited to participate in the world's largest international meeting to discuss water issues and propose solutions for the rational and sustainable use of water resources.