The choice of organizing company is a determining factor for an event’s success. Professional, well-structured and specialist organization companies can expand the opportunity for networking with other peer companies, add mailing services and enjoy a good reputation, which makes it easier to obtain funding.

Good organization companies usually pay for themselves through the savings and advantages they obtain for their clients.

Financially speaking, technical and scientific events begin with a balance that is low or close to zero, and it is up to the organizers to draw up an attractive commercial and financial strategy so as to attract revenues right at the outset of the organization process. The organizers must add intelligence to the disclosure and commercial strategy, be honest, reliable and transparent in the pre-event and post-event phases, as well as during the event itself, so as to ensure thoroughly transparent management of the event as a project, which if properly carried out, is sure to be a success.

As a member of IAPCO, the company ensures the quality of the services it provides and in its relationships. It is constantly seeking excellence in:

  1. Funding: an aggressive strategy and excellent relationships.
  2. Speakers and guests: Hospitality and precise information at the right time to ensure safety.
  3. Communications: Strategy and a creative approach so as to ensure the best results.
  4. Project Management: Reliability, planning and method.
  5. Support for participants: support and sending detailed information to ensure good planning.
  6. Financial Management of Projects: taking precautions, from preparation to monitoring and delivery to plan.
  7. Logistics and Suppliers: Including the hiring method, quality and good prices.
We get involved from the initial structuring of the event, through to the final rendering of accounts, and we organize small, mid-size and large-scale events with a regional, national or international reach.

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