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A company specialized in organizing events

Acqua Consultoria is a company specializing in organizing events, with 27 years’ experience in the market and focused on organizing technical and scientific events and fairs.

Its main clients are technical and scientific associations and high-level professional bodies. Its operations range from the initial structuring of the event, to the final rendering of accounts.

It organizes small, mid-size and large-scale events at regional, national and international level.

It was originally founded in 1985 to be an engineering consulting company, by Rubem La Laina Porto (currently a professor at the EPUSP), João Gilberto Lotufo Conejo (currently a director of ANA), Flavio Terra Barth and Fernando Cordeiro. Shortly after it was founded, Prof. Rubem, Flavio and Lotufo opted to sell their equity interests to Fernando Cordeiro, at the time advisor to the board of DAEE – The Water and Electricity Utility of the State of São Paulo.

Fernando’s role in this area was training and development, having been a founding member of the ABAS – the Brazilian Association of Underground Waters, and also of the ABRH – the Brazilian Association of Water Resources.

Fernando remained at the head of the company until 2004, and in 2005 he handed it over to his son, who had already been working for the company for nine years. Beginning in 2006, Rodrigo Cordeiro headed up the company’s executive board.

Since 2006, the company’s staff complement has risen fivefold. Today, Acqua Consultoria has 16 employees allocated in the following departments:


“To further the training and development of people and organizations through knowledge transfer. To bring people, values and cultures together to exchange technologies, techniques and experiences”


“To be acknowledged nationally and internationally as a benchmark company in terms of excellence in organizing events involving infrastructure and the environment”


  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Qualification
  • Commitment to our clients’ objectives
  • Respect for human beings and Brazilian law
  • Ensure freedom of ideas, thoughts and actions


“With continuous improvement, equipped with and applying the best technologies and with an experienced, trained and well-prepared team, the events we organize are a success in terms of feedback, public and financially speaking, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction”

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