4th International Nuclear Chemistry Congress

DATE: September 14 to 19, 2014 - VENUE: Maresias, SP - Brazil


Dr. Rolf Zeisler
Scientist Emeritus-National Institute of Standards and Technology - USA

Dr. Amares Chatt
Adjunct Professor at Dalhousie University - Canada

Dr. Turan Ünak
President of the International Nuclear Chemistry Society - Turkey

Dr. Radojko Jacimovic
Senior Researcher at Department of Environmental Sciences - Jozef Stefan Institute - Slovenia

Dr. Zsolt Revay
Senior Research Scientist at Institute of Isotopes,Budapest and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry - Hungary

Dr. Maria Helena Taddei
Senior Scientist at LAPOC - Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission - Brazil

Dr. José Augusto Perrotta
Nuclear Engineer at IPEN-Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission and Technical Coordinator of the Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor-RMB - Brazil

Dr. John W.Bennett
Head,Center for Nuclear Applications - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization-ANSTO - Australia

Dr. Rafael Garcia-Tenorio
Professor at the University of Sevilla - Spain

Dr. Uday Bhonsle
Radiopharmaceutical Scientist at the International Atomic Energy Agency - Austria

Dr. Regina Carneiro
Production Manager of Radiopharmacy at IPEN-Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission - Brazil


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CEP: 02452-001 - São Paulo - SP

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