4th International Nuclear Chemistry Congress

DATE: September 14 to 19, 2014 - VENUE: Maresias, SP - Brazil


In the last decade Brazil has experienced a strong and sustainable economic growth, leading to the improvement of the quality of life for significant parts of Brazilian society. However, it has also caused enhancement in the demand for energy sources and consequent pressure on various ecosystems. Although having one of the cleanest energy matrices in the world, with 85% of renewable sources such as hydroelectric generated energy and use of fuels from alternative sources such as sugarcane ethanol and biodiesel, nuclear power supplies are considered attractive due to their small environmental impact, large energy output and due to the large uranium reserves of the country. As the 4th-INCC 2014 will occur in Brazil it will be a great opportunity for the Brazilian nuclear community to interact with its international counterparts in the field in order to affirm the nuclear competence of the country.

Maresias Beach, the venue for the 4th-INCC 2014 is located at the north shore of São Paulo State. It was chosen for its proximity and easy access to important Brazilian cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. But, it was mainly chosen for its beauty and low profile environment. Nested between the Ocean and the Atlantic Forest mountains, Maresias offers the tranquility of a by-the-sea resort for the conference activities. A number of sightseeing and ecotourism opportunities are also available such as boat rides, day trips to the gorgeous Ilhabela Island, visit to historical sites such as São Sebastião city center and Paraty colonial old town, visit to Serra do Mar State Park with its trails, waterfalls, contact with nature and also visit to indigenous people protected lands.


Rua Maria Curupaiti, 441 cj. 3023
CEP: 02452-001 - São Paulo - SP

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